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Through New Light Dreams, Hong Kong-based photographer Craig C Lewis sets out to express in light and colour the fragile beauty and fundamental impermanence of the landscapes and natural phenomena that surround us, with a particular focus on the interplay—and at times tension—between tradition and modernity; the natural and the artificial. Perhaps nowhere are these contrasts more evident than in Asia, the region UK-born Craig has called home for many years.

A former journalist with Thomson Reuters and Dow Jones Newswires, Craig is also a keen mountain trekker, finding particular inspiration in the peoples, cultures, and Buddhist expressions of the Himalaya. 

Clients include book publishers, newspapers, magazines, online media, and commercial enterprises.

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A mountain is the best medicine for a troubled mind. Seldom does man ponder his own insignificance. He thinks he is master of all things. He thinks the world is his without bonds. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Only when he tramps the mountains alone, communing with nature, observing other insignificant creatures about him, to come and go as he will, does he awaken to his own short-lived presence on Earth.

Finis Mitchell, mountaineer and forester (1901–95)